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Our aim is to promote positivity in the legal community using the power of story. We can’t do what we do without the many law graduates, from all walks of life, who bravely choose to share their stories with our readers.

Could that be you? Read on for our Letter-writing requirements.


We ask that your Letter pertain to your journey in the law. This could be anything: a challenge you had to overcome, a choice you had to make, a change that turned your life around. Our writers have written Letters to themselves before entering law school, during law school, and after graduating.

We currently accept only submissions from writers who have graduated from law school. It doesn’t matter where you graduated from, or what you did with your degree after that.

Letters should be between 400 to 900 words long. Any shorter, and it’s hard to tell a story; any longer, and it’s hard to keep readers’ attention!

Letter-writing process

Send us your draft by filling in the form below. Alternatively, if you’ve an idea in your head but are not sure where to start, drop us a message anyway! We will be happy to help.

Once your Letter has gone through our editors, we will slot your Letter for publishing. Rest assured that we never publish content without the final approval of its author.

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