Letters of the Law aims to promote positivity in the legal fraternity through the power of story. We see how law school can be a pressure cooker that strips the motivations into motions. We see the powerful but misleading mindset that the best people are immune to mental, physical, and emotional strain. We see how difficult it is to shake off the gripping fear that how well we do now will be how well we do forever.

We want to change that.

Letters of the Law is meant for law students: those who feel like they're running on empty, those who just need a respite mid-race, and every shade in between. It is not a solution, but a tool - a first step. Our greatest successes happen when the stories within our pages help you get over one night, one challenge, one fear. We hope our stories start conversations that will give you encouragement and inspiration, from the top of the legal professional chain, to those just beginning, to those who decided to pursue paths elsewhere. And by starting conversations, we hope to strengthen our community - from the inside, out.



Grace is a criminal lawyer. She loves hand-written letters, fresh flowers, and English Breakfast tea (with milk, please). If she were a fictional character, she would probably be Emma Woodhouse. Her MBTI personality type is INFJ.


As a student pursuing a double degree in Law and Liberal Arts, Amelia enjoys thinking about how different disciplines intersect. Her study playlist is a mix of pop rock, Ed Sheeran, and local acts like The Sam Willows. She tinkers with her film camera once in a while and is a fan of all things matcha. 


Gideon will finish his training and (fingers crossed) be called to the bar in August 2019. He spends too much time analyzing movies and tv shows. He has an unhealthy fascination with stories and their telling. His favourite joke is about his complicated fear of overdeveloped buildings: it’s a complex complex complex complex.


Cara is a Singaporean living in London. She loves exploring the English countryside while having long conversations with fellow hikers. Easily amused, she'll be the first to laugh at your bad jokes. Her favourite yoga pose is Happy Baby.


Yee Shing is a final year law student. Music holds an important place in his heart, although he claims he is unable to hold a tune. Win or lose, he cannot shake off his passion for Liverpool Football Club; sometimes, he believes that he has Liverpudlian blood running through his veins. On certain days, you may catch him eating kaya directly from the jar, or re-watching Friends episodes for the umpteenth time.


Charlotte studies law and liberal arts, but behind the scenes, she is a pastry student and a fried chicken enthusiast. She enjoys going to dog parks and indulging in the newest base-building games. You will find her most content after a hearty and savoury meal.